22 and at an Ashram

As the Swami’s expand their ‘gurudom’, I wonder if they are hurrying up events and the processes, and consequently entry into the order of ‘sanyasa’ has become pretty lax over the years.

Currently staying in an Ashram I have looked up to since my childhood, which I am visiting after twelve long years – It has certainly been enlightening so far! (Pun intended! :-D) I have come across such diverse personalities that it seems like I am in a human specimen museum! Continue reading


A Love Note


The most thoughtful yet simple and sweet a love note could be.

Life Goes On


Just another epiphany. Something you now wonder was the simplest to understand and yet it seemed like a big deal to accept once.

Un amour de jeunesse

This film brings about nostalgia in a strange way. There is genuine portrayal of characters and their emotions- caught between what lies ahead and what has gone by. And it got me thinking: Continue reading

Just Another Day

Well, it really is just another day!


Talking about art at The Louvre
Living our dream, with her
Walking along the banks of Seine,
You must be on cloud ten.

Leave being sad,
I am not bothered anymore.
When life closes one,
It opens another door.

Nothing Lasts Forever

IMAG2913 - CopyThinking of her life without him,
gave her shiver.
But such is life, it goes on, and
nothing lasts forever.


You walk down the cobblestone path,
and say to her, ‘I am living a dream’.

Here, I think, I was living in one.


In life, everything does not have an immediate answer.
We get answers for those much later, when we least expect them.

Aren’t those moments fascinating when you’re thrown-back, connecting the dots?