22 and at an Ashram

As the Swami’s expand their ‘gurudom’, I wonder if they are hurrying up events and the processes, and consequently entry into the order of ‘sanyasa’ has become pretty lax over the years.

Currently staying in an Ashram I have looked up to since my childhood, which I am visiting after twelve long years – It has certainly been enlightening so far! (Pun intended! :-D) I have come across such diverse personalities that it seems like I am in a human specimen museum! And a few pieces of personalities here astound me and shake me up! There are a few completely disoriented people with such blown up egos and bitter souls that they can’t help but inflict their bitterness and negativity on people that they first come across or hardly know, for no reason whatsoever. Haha.. probably they are just better off here! I think the all-bearing God probably doesn’t deem them fit to be out in the outside world and has had to give them some shelter here, if nowhere else! Like there goes a Hindi saying “Bhagwan ke ghar mein sab barabar hain” ( meaning- all are equal before God and welcome at his door)!

Excuse much pessimism exhibited, but such is the reality. Now I must share the good. Of course, I love it here and I have met some of the best people here, with loveliest smiles and lovelier souls. Why else would I still stick around if I disliked it here? Chanting mantras together in a communion certainly fills me up with energy and singing ‘kirtans’ uplift my  senses and mood to a greater high than any alcohol or substance ever could. I actually feel like I am ‘high’ on life naturally. And it is great. This stay is certainly giving me a lot. A lot of insight and understanding.

And I would definitely like to make another point. I think ‘Sanyasa Trainings’ must include lessons on ‘humility’, ‘acceptance’ and ‘tolerance’, before teaching them to sing holy scriptures. How can people be a part of carrying forward Sri Swami Ji’s idea or the ‘Sankalpa’ of ‘Serve-Love-Give’, if they can’t even afford to smile at another. Being tangled and stuck up in their egos, aggressively imposing opinions and arrogance is certainly not what I thought Sanayasis were about. But I guess, they too come in all kinds!

Not being too proud, but I can definitely  assert that I have been a much much better human being than so many here. I guess before one is allowed into ‘spirituality’ they must cross the previous bar of being humane!

And I would like to clarify that I certainly don’t consider myself above-all or above Ashram to be specific but I do think that I have learnt to observe and analyse things unbiasedly over my life of mere 22 odd years, and while doing so I have developed a sense to voice my opinions (being completely my own, independent of other’s) responsibly. And I am free to do so. 

Still I shall confess that this head strong atheist turned agnostic in no time since arriving here. And now that agnostic being myself is also becoming spiritually inclined. Conflicting ideas, contradictions, and change. Such is life! If there weren’t these, how boring would it be? 😀


2 thoughts on “22 and at an Ashram

  1. venu564 says:

    you certainly have imbibed the essence of life very early(?) and are enjoying it every moment. wish I also could reach this state and be on my own high! even if it is quite late(?). life is certainly interesting! and being humane is the ultimate high.


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