Does Iced Coffee Sound Good?

So, if were having coffee, I would keep it short this weekend, as I didn’t have a great start to this week that’s going by. I am running far behind my schedule, as I was struggling with drawing certain scenes for my graphic narrative project. I have been trying to make up for that over the weekend so that on Monday I have lesser backlog to clear. Hopefully I can send out the complete draft to my guide soon.

Iced-CoffeeAnyway, after all this explanation I would ask you if iced coffee sounds good, because I am having that. And if you’re abstaining from coffee, I could offer you some fresh juice – a blend of oranges and grapes would be delicious, if you please or would you like some Lemonade instead? OR if you don’t mind some extra calories, I could also make you a refreshing tall glass of Lassi – and that my friends, will be a treat to your taste-buds. And if you’re wondering why I am not offering tea or a hot cup of coffee, it’s because it’s unbearably hot here.

And then, I would ask you, “How’s summer treating you?” And if you said, “Oh I live in the Southern Hemisphere! It’s winter out here…” I would spasmodically interrupt and say “Can we trade lives?” And then, I would calm down and let you speak. 

Keep warm you, Southerners, and if I could I would give ye’all the surplus Sun we have!
(Forgive if you feel it is some sort of ‘hemispherism’. Did I just coin it or is there actually something like that? And you aren’t going to take offence, are you? Take it easy, I meant no harm!)

Okay, here the summer has just begun and it is already taking a toll on everything. For the past one week the maximum day temperature has been in the range of 40°C – 42°C. And the Sun becomes harsh as early as 9 in the morning. If I step out after that, a headache is inevitable. And it is only after 5 in the evening that one can step out comfortably. Looks like the Sun is strictly following his 8 hour duty!

And it wasn’t long ago that I was expressing my love for the rays of the Sun, and now I have so much against him. But that’s what lovers do – make you love them, and then make you not want to stand them the next moment!

So my Snapdragon plant is dead (I assume), Impatiens are shriveled, and the Red Verbena is seared – not flowering anymore. It hurts. It hurts, you Sun! But then it always does – love, I tell you is vicious! I am practicing detachment, most of the time deliberately though. And now I remind myself, though I serve these plants, they are not mine. Nothing is mine. Nothing belongs to me and I belong to none. But I shall serve nature, that includes all forms of life – that includes you and I; and I shall do so without any expectations, till I am here to stay in this mortal world. And when this belief is firm inside of me – ‘nothing is mine’ – pervading everything – that’s when probably I will find true happiness, true peace, because only when one is detached, it doesn’t hurt, nothing hurts.

Ah! Did I just begin to pour out my inner conflicts…? Looks like I had begun. One thing led to another, and see where we have arrived from the customary talking of weather! Does make sense why the English use talking of weather as a way of breaking the ice.

But to my surprise, the most fragile looking Pink Woodsorrels are doing well. Four O’Clock and Cape Jasmine are fine, if not great. And then there is Adenium – the desert rose as it is also known – isn’t a total misnomer I would say – it’s flowering, though sparingly. But the previous month it was actually in full bloom, when in fact the average temperature was less by 15°C-20°C. Now what desert has day temperature ranging 22°C to 27°C? Oh was it it too many numbers for you? Just ignore if you don’t like ’em much.

On a serious note, my state among others has been has been drought affected since the past year, as it was in the year 2013 as well. Whether ‘declared’ drought-affected or not, doesn’t matter because the compensations promised by the Government reaches them or not, I wouldn’t comment upon because these funds too have to pay for logistics as they moves down from one level to another. So the small farmers remain distressed and continue to bear the brunt. Nonetheless, the levied taxes will be lifted for them, but I doubt that would suffice to help their situation because besides more than taxes the income for survival is in question, and worse if some have credits or lease amount to pay back. I am scared. I am scared, not because the food security of the nation is under threat but because the lives of these farmers are, as some of them contemplate putting a noose on. And I am scared for their children. Anyway, before I depress you further, you may take your leave. But, before that, watch how this farmer’s little girl lives under the constant fear of loosing her father to the financial crises. It is disturbing.

The world temperature is soaring. These droughts and even the flood causing downpours  are repercussions of increasing Global Warming. Would you ponder over this and help reduce CFC emissions into the environment in as many small ways as you can, please, for the sake for our beloved planet?

So this week wasn’t too short either, I guess.



12 thoughts on “Does Iced Coffee Sound Good?

  1. unnecessarydetailsblog says:

    We moved to the northern hemisphere from the southern in July and didn’t know what hit me for the longest time. Lassi sounds amazing as does lemonade on a hot day but we are getting unusual rain this weekend so getting cold again. All the best with your graphic narrative project. That sounds interesting.


  2. Beaton says:

    If I was having coffee with you I would thank you for the iced coffee I love it from time to time …. how weird is it that you are in summer and for us, winter is here 🙂 its cold and raining too
    thats what it does the El Nino effect you get flods in one area and drought halfway across the world
    Thank you for the conversation and the iced coffee


  3. trentpmcd says:

    The temperatures in the US have been odd the last few weeks. It’s been too warm were Bettylouise31 is from but too cold were I am. Some places on the American east coast saw snow this past week, several times in fact. Very weird weather. But Global Warming is just raising an average of 2 C over the globe, not very much. What it is doing is changing the weather patterns. That’s the scary part. The oceans are taking the large part of the heat and the oceans are the engines that drive the weather. So Climate Change is a better term.

    I know in the US CFCs are illegal. It is C02. The majority of it is from heating and cooling buildings. And then there are the cars. So yes, people do need to think about it and change their behavior.

    I hope it cools down for you – that’s far too hot for this early! I also hope you start getting enough rain to save the farmers.

    Liked by 1 person

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