Oh Boy, You’re Worth The Wait!

Disclaimer: It is inadvisable to try something like this since it is a work of some extreme wishful thinking. Chances are one is going to fail miserably and even if things do take the turn you wish them to take, they shall still be too good to be true.

This feeling is so good that I don’t want to hurry things up and scare him away, though sometimes I ask myself if I already did. This seems meaningful, for reasons I am yet to comprehend. I want him to take his time and realize that I truly deserve him. Being patient is the best thing to do. I believe the wait is going to be its worth.

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Clad in crimson, tousled hair, bespectacled sleepy eyes, little stubble and an adorably shy smile. Finally he was right in front of her. His boyish charm had her on her toes. Her heart skipped a beat or a few. She was smitten at first sight.

Hit and Miss

In the dark alley, he rode past her.

The headlamp spoiled her spur.

Blinded by light, she closed her eyes.

He saw her, she missed his sight.