Run From It Or Learn From It

One of the many hacks to ‘life’ from The Lion King.

(I could still watch it another countless number of times without a blink of an eye, except when I have to wipe my eyes when the onion chopping ninjas come like they do every time. Yes, this movie makes me cry.)


You’re My End And My Beginning

Whatte’ song! When I first heard it a few months ago, I detested it. But my friend loved it (understandably so since she’s soon expected to wed her now fiance and a lover of many years) so much so that she would play it on loop, days at end, and I had no choice but to bear with her. But, the song is so beautiful per se that it grew on me. And when I played it today after a couple of months, I did the same- looped it!

How can the universe to do this to me? Sigh. This just cannot be happening. ‘The Boy Worth The Wait’ hasn’t even spoken to me properly as yet!

But hey, this song weaves an unrealistically ideal tapestry of love. John Legend, misleads us into hoping for something as perfect as what he and his wife have, apparently.

And So They Say


A conversation between Ganga and the King of the Lunar Dynasty of Hastinapur, Shantanu.
Courtesy ~ Adi Parva – Churning of the Ocean via Amruta Patil

He didn’t honour his words, obviously. And later went on to marry Yojangandha, who later became known as Sathyawati. (An episode from the epic Mahabharata.)