Letting Go



Just Another Day

Well, it really is just another day!


Talking about art at The Louvre
Living our dream, with her
Walking along the banks of Seine,
You must be on cloud ten.

Leave being sad,
I am not bothered anymore.
When life closes one,
It opens another door.

Jolene and Philandro

Here is a stranger’s story of love- stepping into her small shoes.

People bump into each other,
So did we last summer.
We ate sausages and drank beer,
The song you sung, I can still hear.
Ten days went by in a flash,
Like I was smoking some good hash.

So I packed my bags again,
To go to a new college, a feign.
None could tell that lay beneath,
Pretentious leaves of my heart’s heath.
Luck by my side, slid me with ease,
Into the land of wine and cheese.

As we tread, the cobblestone street,
Our shoulders brush, and eyes meet.
I can’t hold it anymore, and so can’t you.
I see it burn in your big eyes. Oh, phew!
You overwhelm my whole existence
Just how you promised, in your insistence.

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