Before We Go: Select Excerpts

Before We Go, a film by and starring Chris Evans might be along the lines of Richard Linklater’s Before Trilogy in the basic framework (and title), nonetheless a good watch owing to some good conversations about relationships therein. Select excerpts of conversations from the recently watched film:

Nick and the old Fortune Teller:

Nick (talking about fortune teller and his dead wife): Wow! You guys seemed perfect.
Fortune Teller: Well Nick, there is no perfect. There will always be struggle. We just have to pick who we want to struggle with.

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How I Miss Things I Have Never Known


My current favorite from ‘Love & Misadventure’ by Lang Leav. (I read the complete book a year ago. I read it whenever I am alone and I feel emotionally charged. My favorite has changed over the past year, depending on where I am personally in life, yes it’s been an adventure!)

Simple language makes these poems easy to understand unlike the classics. And the relatable emotions is what makes these poems memorable as they find a place in the readers’ lives. Thank you Lang Leav for providing a poem for almost every occasion.

Have Some Pride

It’s certainly not love
Leave no room for doubt.
Doesn’t look like budding friendship either
So it shall be, day in and day out.

Though you might think so
Neither is it getting to know.
And if you’re unable to see
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You’re My End And My Beginning

Whatte’ song! When I first heard it a few months ago, I detested it. But my friend loved it (understandably so since she’s soon expected to wed her now fiance and a lover of many years) so much so that she would play it on loop, days at end, and I had no choice but to bear with her. But, the song is so beautiful per se that it grew on me. And when I played it today after a couple of months, I did the same- looped it!

How can the universe to do this to me? Sigh. This just cannot be happening. ‘The Boy Worth The Wait’ hasn’t even spoken to me properly as yet!

But hey, this song weaves an unrealistically ideal tapestry of love. John Legend, misleads us into hoping for something as perfect as what he and his wife have, apparently.

And So They Say


A conversation between Ganga and the King of the Lunar Dynasty of Hastinapur, Shantanu.
Courtesy ~ Adi Parva – Churning of the Ocean via Amruta Patil

He didn’t honour his words, obviously. And later went on to marry Yojangandha, who later became known as Sathyawati. (An episode from the epic Mahabharata.)

Oh Boy, You’re Worth The Wait!

Disclaimer: It is inadvisable to try something like this since it is a work of some extreme wishful thinking. Chances are one is going to fail miserably and even if things do take the turn you wish them to take, they shall still be too good to be true.

This feeling is so good that I don’t want to hurry things up and scare him away, though sometimes I ask myself if I already did. This seems meaningful, for reasons I am yet to comprehend. I want him to take his time and realize that I truly deserve him. Being patient is the best thing to do. I believe the wait is going to be its worth.

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Clad in crimson, tousled hair, bespectacled sleepy eyes, little stubble and an adorably shy smile. Finally he was right in front of her. His boyish charm had her on her toes. Her heart skipped a beat or a few. She was smitten at first sight.

A Love Note


The most thoughtful yet simple and sweet a love note could be.

Just Another Day

Well, it really is just another day!