A Spectral Affair

light in cupped handsEveryday, I wait for the rays of the Sun that descend to me clandestinely when the night covers the sky. At times, I manage to roll it into an ethereal wisp and hold it between my palms cupped together, like how you would hold a firefly, and embrace it to my soul. It’s warmth heals my brokenness and tattered entity. Then it rises, and it’s light guides me in life and spirit. And before I know, it swiftly glides away – goes back, yes, at the speed of light, to be that inconceivably enormous and the effulgent Sun.
And sometimes, when the clouds are on their duty too, the radiant Sun looks me in the eyes, and smiles furtively; and I feel ecstatic, almost as if I stole a kiss, as if I just kissed the mighty Sun. I feel sun kissed.



Clad in crimson, tousled hair, bespectacled sleepy eyes, little stubble and an adorably shy smile. Finally he was right in front of her. His boyish charm had her on her toes. Her heart skipped a beat or a few. She was smitten at first sight.

Hit and Miss

In the dark alley, he rode past her.

The headlamp spoiled her spur.

Blinded by light, she closed her eyes.

He saw her, she missed his sight.


Talking about art at The Louvre
Living our dream, with her
Walking along the banks of Seine,
You must be on cloud ten.

Leave being sad,
I am not bothered anymore.
When life closes one,
It opens another door.

Nothing Lasts Forever

IMAG2913 - CopyThinking of her life without him,
gave her shiver.
But such is life, it goes on, and
nothing lasts forever.


For long he did not look her way.
She picked her books to leave.
With a shy grin he said, ‘stay’.


You walk down the cobblestone path,
and say to her, ‘I am living a dream’.

Here, I think, I was living in one.


In life, everything does not have an immediate answer.
We get answers for those much later, when we least expect them.

Aren’t those moments fascinating when you’re thrown-back, connecting the dots?

I Found My Answer

I waited for you to kiss me.
In your stillness, I found my answer.

I waited for your hand to hold mine.
Seeing the phone in yours, I found my answer.

I waited for a word from you.
In your silence, I found my answer.

Before I could wait for something again,
I wrote this, and found my answer.

That’s life.