Nothing Lasts Forever

IMAG2913 - CopyThinking of her life without him,
gave her shiver.
But such is life, it goes on, and
nothing lasts forever.



For long he did not look her way.
She picked her books to leave.
With a shy grin he said, ‘stay’.


You walk down the cobblestone path,
and say to her, ‘I am living a dream’.

Here, I think, I was living in one.

Fluttering Away Slowly

The harbinger, dark, handsome and short
Sled down and jumped on the lowered lifeboat.

He looked at the peafowl he had caught
who he would never leave, even in his thought.

He assured it, he would come back soon
with a catch of Barbue, when shines the moon.

It hopped and danced, waiting on the deck
Grapevined in merry, tapped to heck. Continue reading


In life, everything does not have an immediate answer.
We get answers for those much later, when we least expect them.

Aren’t those moments fascinating when you’re thrown-back, connecting the dots?

Looking for the Lights

Coldplay is like hot soup when you are cold! Continue reading

I Found My Answer

I waited for you to kiss me.
In your stillness, I found my answer.

I waited for your hand to hold mine.
Seeing the phone in yours, I found my answer.

I waited for a word from you.
In your silence, I found my answer.

Before I could wait for something again,
I wrote this, and found my answer.

That’s life.

Things of Beauty

This is a classroom project done as a part of course in ‘Semiotics’. This is a part of campaign aimed at persuading people to donate eyes without showing them the difficulty and pain of the blind. Instead, it tries to mesmerize the viewers with things of beauty and thereafter abruptly gives them a taste of nothingness and darkness. Continue reading