Un amour de jeunesse

This film brings about nostalgia in a strange way. There is genuine portrayal of characters and their emotions- caught between what lies ahead and what has gone by. And it got me thinking:
What is it about first love that it remains with us all along, no matter how many years go by? It is a mystery. The residue feelings never deplete completely. It crawls up when you see something that is related to the shared past or when you see that person again, taking our present by a storm of turbulent emotions of love and desire for the lost. One must not give in to the charming ideas of innocent, teenage love because that is all it is- a novelty- best stored away in your chest. Because all these years when we were without them, we move much ahead in our own lives and change so much that we are no more the people they fell in love with. But, we see them again and we get thrown back into the past, start romanticizing the first experience of falling in love, and its extra-ordinary beauty. We can’t help but fall in love again, not with the person albeit, but with the idea of having  found your first love. It take us a while to live through the past all over again until it finally comes to an end and reality comes knocking our door to fantasy. The temporary refuge from the present gets over, the fairy tale affair comes to an end and we find ourselves at a standstill while everything around us has moved further, and much ahead.
It sure leaves us dazed and confused, but fretting over it is just going to make us lose more of the little time and mind we have got. Time is fleeting. Let’s get running. We’re going to pant for breath because we’ve not run in a long time, but that is how one begins and learns to breathe while on the run. So, let’s catch up with life, and run.


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