“ तह से उबर रही है आशा…

ऐसा लग रहा है मानो,

छट रहे हों मेघ काले |
अँधेरी गहराइयों से जानो
पकड़ कर तैरती डालें,
और कुलांचते हताशा,
तह से उबर रही है आशा |
सतह पर उभर रही है आशा ||

~ ओशिन विप्रा सागर ©


The feeling is as if
the clouds are shifting
And from the depths of darkness
holding onto floating twigs
skipping over despair
reemerging is the sunk hope,
resurfacing is the sunk hope.

~ Yours truly


7 thoughts on “आशा

    • oshinviprasagar says:

      Thank you. Well, then it’s probably one thing I can do well! 😀 But did I translate well? I doubt so because somehow I don’t feel the English version sounds as fine as the original, plus the rhyme scheme is lost.

      On the other hand, I am quite happy about the original because it is exactly after a decade that I am writing poetry in Hindi, and for such a gap, it’s good. It just flowed, spontaneously. Like five minutes!

      Liked by 1 person

    • oshinviprasagar says:

      Yeah, well it was when I was searching for hindi-poetry tag, that I found Saharshairi, and it is through that, that I came across your blog -strictlylogical. Initially I thought Sahar is a multiiple authors contributing blog, but then when I went through other posts besides ‘Meri Khwahish’ that I realized it is your separate blog exclusively dedicated to Hindi/Urdu poetry.

      I will take my time and read other ones as well. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  1. WholeDude says:

    Hope vs Despair: The concept of ‘Hope’ describes one-side of a coin, and the concept of ‘Despair’ could be on the flip side of the same coin. Nothing or Sunyata may involve emptying all desires from mind, including the desire of finding ‘Hope’.


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