Fluttering Away Slowly

The harbinger, dark, handsome and short
Sled down and jumped on the lowered lifeboat.

He looked at the peafowl he had caught
who he would never leave, even in his thought.

He assured it, he would come back soon
with a catch of Barbue, when shines the moon.

It hopped and danced, waiting on the deck
Grapevined in merry, tapped to heck.

It waited, waited, waited and waited
Never returned the harbinger, as stated.

The bird soared mighty high above the sail
to look for the returning lifeboat’s trail.

It flew in search of the lost man in the sea
to know how, and where he would be.

It saw the big moon shine on a mermaid’s tail
kissing her was the harbinger’s face, now pale.

He saw the bird to his sheer surprise
but could not look it in the eyes.

Kissing her more, he smirked coyly.
The bird reckoned, quite wryly.

The bird turned back, fluttering away slowly.
Some feathers withered, yet it, fluttered away slowly…

And yes, I wrote it. Today.


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