Things of Beauty

This is a classroom project done as a part of course in ‘Semiotics’. This is a part of campaign aimed at persuading people to donate eyes without showing them the difficulty and pain of the blind. Instead, it tries to mesmerize the viewers with things of beauty and thereafter abruptly gives them a taste of nothingness and darkness.

I would like to acknowledge that parts of following clips have been used to create this montage.

The Cinematic Orchestra: Arrival of the Birds
Harrison Rowntree: Time Lapse Cloud Formation
Nicole Byon: Kayden+Rain
Katka Pruskova: Flowers Timelapse
Jon Rawlinson: Kuroshio Sea

The Semiotics Involved
It has been worked on under the constraints of using ‘Abhavartha’ (meaning implied from the absence of something) as the technique; and ‘upakrama’-‘upasamhara’ as the device.
(Upkrama: beginning of sth. and Upsamhara: end of sth.)
Here, the things of beauty are moving towards ‘upsamhara’ while; darkness and nothingness are moving towards ‘upkrama’.

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